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more Israel complaints

2002-04-02 - 4:54 p.m.

Almost time to go work out! Yes, in anticipation of my dress fitting, I have become a workout queen! Now if only I would resign my chocolate throne...

Still really upset about the whole Israel situation. I agree, certainly, the path Israel is taking is not the path that's going to lead to peace. But a few weeks ago, when Israel pulled out of Ramallah, the suicide attacks got worse, so I don't see why pulling out this time would improve the situation. If Israel backs down now, all it will do is show the terrorists that violence works.

Plus, there's another sticky situation which I don't see our media paying ANY attention to--there were 5 seperate attacks on synagogues in France this past weekend. You know, in my young life, I have not seen much anti-Semitism, but I have a strong feeling that this is changing.

It also pisses me off that the media is not discussing WHY Sharon isn't agreeing with the Saudi peace plan. For those who might not know:

1. Pulling back to ALL pre-1967 borders would leave Israel strategically indefensible (read: the Golan Heights)

2. Giving over all of East Jerusalem to the state of Palestine would mean giving up Judaism's holiest spot, the Western Wall of the temple. Israel without the Western Wall is like American without New York. (I've always thought Jerusalem should be an international city.)

3. Giving complete right of return to all Palestinian refugees would create some serious demographic and population problems for Israel.

I'm not sure how I feel about that last one. On the one hand, it smacks pretty deeply of racism, but on the other hand, as the Wealhtheow fiance says, don't Jews deserve one freaking tiny country where we are the majority? Wouldn't it be nice to walk down the street in Deccember and see some displays for Chanukah? Wouldn't it be even nicer not to hear the Rugrats Passover episode described as "Rugrats celebrate Easter by telling the story of Passover?" Not that I'm planning on moving to Israel anytime soon, but it's nice to know a place like that exists.

One last emotionally-charged political complaint--the people in this country protesting Israel's "brutal" occupation of the West Bank are really starting to annoy me. Granted, Israel probably hasn't been all sweetness and light, but I don't believe they have been much worse than any other nation dealing with an extremely hostile force that has on more than one occasion proclaimed its goal is the complete elimination of said nation. Before these people start bitching about innocent Palestinians caught in the crossfire (which I admit is tragic and unfair and not right), maybe they need to look at some pictures of innocent Israelis who were NOT caught in the crossfire, but rather targeted. Maybe I'm incredibly biased, but I believe there is a HUGE freaking difference between entering refugee camps suspected of harboring terrorists and blowing yourself up with a shrapnel-packed bomb at a disco, restaurant, bar mitzvah celebration, or a hotel where people are sitting down to a Passover seder!!!!


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