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2002-04-04 - 1:30 p.m.

Ran into an old SB friend last night--it was deeply serendipitous. Now we shall laugh and talk until late into the night, perhaps this Saturday after I go see E.'s recital. I'm very excited--she's doing a program of women composers. Should be very cool--go Libby Larson!

Other than that, things are calm on the Wealhtheow front. Had dinner last night with the grad student folks, and got into an interesting conversation with the former Muslim from the UAE. S. is very cool, and a gentlemen and a scholar, but we got into the whole Middle East debate. The thing I enjoy about S. is that we can have these debates and fundamentally disagree with each other, but not let it affect our friendship. Still, an enjoyable evening was had by all. S. expressed deep appreciation that we did not physically attack him for his differing viewpoints.

Wish I had some deeply interesting adventure/story to tell, but I don't.


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