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monday monday, wish it was sunday

2002-04-08 - 3:00 p.m.

The Wealhtheow weeked was hectic. Went to proofreading/copy-editing class--looks very cool. Went to E.'s recital--was quite fabulous! Am so excited to have her sing at the wedding, cause her voice is really gorgeous.

We also house-sat this weekend--taking care of Georgie the dog and Winnie the cat. Georgie was an absolute sweetheart, and now I really want a dog. But first we need a house...

The wedding invitations arrived yesterday. Now they must go off to the FMIL for calligraphy. They are much nicer than I expected, and fairly cheap as well! If anyone is looking into buying wedding invitations, e-mail me and I will send you the info for where I bought them.

I have to decide whether to make up my Pilates class tomorrow or do sing-along at the National Cathedral. NC is tres hard to get to, so I think it's Pilates for me tomorrow. Otherwise I'd have to go home to pick up the car and then brave the hideous DC traffic, which I obviously do NOT want to do. Instead, I shall opt for the milder Balston traffic.

Plans for this week include rehearsal tonight, Pilates tomorrow, voice lesson on Wed., Pilates Thurs., something as yet undefined Friday and the FCS silent auction Saturday, as well as editing class. Perhaps on Sunday I shall prepare delicious and healthful meals for the coming week. And perhaps not.

As my old neighbour the Kitty Kat would say, "Peace Out!"


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