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minx is sick!

2002-04-17 - 5:41 p.m.

Libera me dominum de mortam aeternum in die illa tremenda

Not that I believe it, but we're doing LOTS of work on the final fugue in Verdi's church opera, AKA requiem.

Which brings me to a point: I know lots of folk which is sick these days. Not sick mentally, although I think I know more than my fair share of those, but physically. One friend just got over some strange immune-system-thingamajabby, my friend's mother-in-law is very sick with cancer, and the Minx's spleen is in danger of exploding! Is it something in the water? Or perhaps something in our hormonally treated milk? I feel better and better about my decision to only buy organic milk. Is this just part of getting older? People start getting married, you get a job and an IRA, pay taxes, and watch your friends get really sick? It is strange.


N., the friend who previously flaked, came over for dinner last night, and we had lunch today. We might see each other again tonight, although I'm also having dinner with S., the friend from France. Well, FROM N.C., but we met in France.

Editing class is going well. Pilates class has been skipped twice. I really do love it, but I've been SO busy at work.

L, the old friend from SB who we recently ran into, is planning a get-together for Friday at Merrekesh--a Morracan restaurant with Middle Eastern dancing (belly-dancing). I am very excited about this, as I once took a 4 week course on belly-dancing. I loved it and keep meaning to do it again.

So that's Wealhtheow Life. Today is Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzma'ut). However, we're American, so the fiance and I shall do nothing to celebrate this fact. Maybe we shall eat some hummus, but that's about it. Not that I begrude Yom Ha'atzmaut; in fact, I'd be happy to attend a bbq or similar celebration. But why should I do more for Israel's independence than I do for America's? Just a thought...

I wish I had something really insightful/funny to wind this up with, but I haven't. So I shall close with an inspirational song, aimed at minxy's swollen internal organs: "GO DOWN, ORGANS, WAY DOWN TO YOUR ORIGINAL SIZE! TELL OLE MENINGITIS, LET MY MINXY GO!"


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