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2002-04-22 - 9:26 a.m.

Been a while since I checked in--so I thought I'd fill you in on the few items happening in my life.

We went out to Marrakesh on Friday with a group of friends. It was great fun. Then I went to class on Saturday morning. Normally my class runs from 9-12, but we got out at 10:30 because our instructor didn't want to get caught in the protests. I heartily agreed. Things didn't seem to get too violent, however. Though I wonder if that had anything to do with the protests being held on 4/20. As I told my mother, I expected a massive mellowing of the crowds at about twenty after four. I bet the IMF folk held their meeting this weekend on purpose. I can just see them in their little offices, teleconferencing, debating about the date. Suddenly one of the younger ones says "No, trust me, we should, like, totally do this thing on April 20. The protestors will all skip the meeting to go to HempFest instead." But alas, they were wrong.

Wedding plans are STILL in the works. My wonderful massage therapist (who comes into the office every other week) says I should just focus on making sure I'm married by the end of the day, and not to worry so much about all the other details. So that means I have to have: at least one gold ring (which the Wealhtheow fiance must buy); a ketubah; a Calif. marriage license, and I think that's it (plus, obviously, a groom and a rabbi and witnesses--these are taken care of).

I finally went to Pilates again. I'm not going to skip it anymore. I just love it too much. Plus I'm learning about new muscles I never knew I had, except perhaps in the intellectual sense. For instance, I can now feel my lats, or as my instructor calls them, my "armpit muscles."


read "Diary of a Mad Bride" last week. Prob. not really funny to anyone BUT a mad bride. Passed it off to the other mad bride in the office.

now reading "Cause Celeb" by Helen Fielding. Is great. You can see traces of Bridget Jones--but this one came first. I can see why Bridget Jones hit it big and this one didn't, but I think this is prob. a better book. Not sure, though, as am only 20 pages into it.

By the by, you know what really pisses me off? Those people who think "God spared us because we were praying." It's so unbelievably arrogant. The incident that calls this to mind is when some Protestant-branch church was spared during a tornado, and the Catholic, mostly Hispanic church down the block wasn't. Like the people in that church weren't praying? Like your Protestant, Christian, white-bread prayers are somehow worth MORE than anyone else's, so God hears you, but not the little brown-skinned Papist down the street? That whole attitude just drives me nuts.


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