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2002-04-29 - 5:03 p.m.

Yesterday was the Wealhtheow's fiance's birthday. Saturday night, two of his best friends flew in. R. had nary a clue. When the three of us walked in the door, his face was priceless! He thought I was going to a concert with E. I almost ruined the surprise by almost getting lost on the way to the airport, though. Instead I got lost on the way back from the airport. It was great fun!

We had a nice dinner last night at Mario's, our very favoritist restaurant. F. and JB, who own the resto., were there and wrote Rick a beautiful card! He also got a joystick (from E. and G) and a lovely bottle of wine (from the long-lost L. and her very sweet bf M). There was much love. Evidently too much love for some folks. One of the people complained because R. and I were kissing in the kitchen at home (people came home with us). However, I firmly believe that I should be able to kiss the man I will marry in three months on his birthday in my own freaking kitchen!!!

The Wealhtheow parents will be coming on Friday to help her pick out shoes and attend the first fitting of her wedding dress. First fittings are where you pick out your headpiece and veil, and the first time you really see how you'll look in the dress. I had some different alterations made to my dress, so I'm really excited to see them! Plus I am looking forward to seeing my parents. If only the dog could come out too....


Finished Cause Celeb. Started off really well, but bogged down and didn't finish in a sterling manner. Still, worth a read.

Started The Inextinguishable Symphony--about Martin Goldsmith's musician parents in Nazi Germany. Haven't gotten too far into it, but really good so far. Love the lovely Martin Goldsmith.

The Worst Case Scenario Travel Handbook--R's little sister D. got this for his birthday. This book is wonderful. It tells you how to avoid UFO abduction. Among the pithy tips--go for the eyes; you don't know what the other sensitive parts may be. Also, try not to think of disturbing or violent images, such as anal probes. The alien might be able to read your mind, and you might be encouraging it!


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