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2002-05-10 - 3:42 p.m.

Each morning it seems to be harder and harder to get up. Sunday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week, as it is the only day I may sleep in.

We now have an overabundance of baby carrots in our fridge. I considered making carrot juice, but A. I have no juicer and B. making carrot juice from baby carrots seems ridiculous.

So the siege at the Church of the Nativity is over, and now the 13 Palestinian terrorists are off to Europe! R and I can't quite figure out why alleged murderers are to be treated like "guests" in Europe instead of being placed in custody. R has decided to hole up in Al Aqsa mosque for a month in the hopes that he will win a free trip to Russia! Yippee! They could make a reality TV show out of this one! I know, I know, things are more complicated. But come on. Send these boys to France or Italy and they'll be treated like heros. If they really aren't culpable for any of the attacks then they should show so in a trial.

I was reading an interesting article yesterday on the lack of conservatives on college faculties. Not a good thing. College should be a place where your horizons get broadened, not narrowed. I think you should come out of college able to engage in intelligent and civilized debate with someone who disagrees with you on fundamental issues, not just knee-jerk call them a Nazi or a racist or what have you.

That's about it today. The Wealhtheow fiance and I are goig to be holed up all weekend doing wedding stuff, whether he likes it or not!


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