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2002-05-13 - 2:07 p.m.

BOOKS: The Nanny Diaries

Finally got some time to read this weekend, but was sidetracked by The Nanny Diaries. Worth a read, but wait till paperback. It wasn't really funny, but still managed to be quite entertaining. Things got a little ragged towards the end.

Still working on my Martin Goldsmith book. I was really bad by dropping it this weekend. Trust me, this is a good book worth reading!

The weekend was a social whirl in Wealhtheow world! We went to F.'s little brother's first communion. Not the mass, just the party afterwards. It was much fun. Then we went to a graduation party for S., who just got his M.A. in French business. His folks were there and it was nice. We bought him a nice Cava and bought ourselves a 2001 Hogue Riesling! This will be my first 2001 wine--but I've heard from the friends in the know that this was a fabulous year, the best since 1997. Ah, El Nino!

Next weekend is the Verdi concert. Need I mention again how privileged I feel to be singing Verdi at the tender age of 23? It just makes me so happy!

I am so sleepy all the time. Perhaps I ought to exercise? I've been very bad and haven't exercised at all lately. Probably will not this week, either, as have many many rehearsals. But I am making a commitment to myself that starting next Tuesday, I SHALL! Next Monday I have my yearly audition for FCS, so that's straight out.

Sent envelopes and list off to FMIL to be calligraphied. I can't believe how many invitations we're sending off. It's very frightening to me. We're inviting almost 250 people. I told myself I wouldn't invite more than the site could hold, but the site only holds 220. I'm pretty sure at least 50 people won't show up, though. I think.


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