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2002-06-03 - 10:46 a.m.

Some of R's friends have started asking me if their dates are invited to my bachelorette party. Since no one is throwing me a bachelorette party, the answer is NO. Here's the deal.

R. is going to SF on Tuesday and having his bachelor party on Wednesday. Because I have A JOB, I'm going to SF on Thursday and we're driving up to Humboldt that same day. Now some of the boys don't know what to do with their dates, so they're trying to foist them off on me. Not that I dislike these women--I like one of them quite a lot. But evidently I'm not having a bachelorette party (even though every other bride in America gets one) and even if I were, now I have to schedule it to accomodate their schedules???!!!!?? I DON'T THINK SO!

Before you start thinking how unbelievable selfish I am, it's really just one person who is bugging me. This is the first either R. or I have heard from him in months. The last time we really heard from him, it was to ask if he could bring a date. So that's that.

I think we're going to Restoration Hardware tomorrow night to register. We're also heading to Fairfax to look at Ketubahs--yes, we found R's old arts and crafts teacher from his temple and he is going to do our ketubah. I saw his work online and it is very beautiful! Plus we really like the text--it is all about how we pledge to support each other and love each other and not take each other for granted. It was nice.

I am on a strange Jimmy Buffet kick. I cannot get "Margaritaville" out of my head, nor do I want to! We are having our company picnic next week, and I think I will hijack the stereo and put on Jimmy Buffet! It is summer music. Plus I am starting to love maragaritas. If anyone ever wanted to get me a present this summer, they should get me a maragarita kit, COMPLETE WITH LIQUOR! I am growing sick of how hard it is to run out and buy liquor in VA. Not that I need to do it often, but the other day (two years ago, actually) I wanted to run out and get some bourbon for a recipe. BUT I COULDN'T!

I saw a fabulous fajita set at Crate and Barrell. I coveted it for R. Last night we sliced up some fresh peppers, onion, and not-so-fresh garlic and sauteed them and served it with pasta. It was good!

I know I shouldn't be sad about not having a shower with my friends or a bachelorette party, but I am a little bummed. It's not the presents, I just thought it would be fun to hang out with all women the last time as a single gal. I keep reading about showers on wedding sights, and my friend at work is having like 3 of them. I had one with mostly my parents friends in Humboldt, and I'm having one at the office. I'd just like one with my girlfriends. I suppose I could plan a "get-together" myself. Maybe that's what I'll do. But it seems really rude to throw a party honoring yourself.


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