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2002-06-12 - 3:12 p.m.

Things in Wealhtheow LAND:

UPS sucks. My auntie now thinks I don't write thank-you notes because UPS delivered to my apartment a week ago and never told me about it. I yelled at them. And then filed a complaint. My advice? Be patriotic and send stuff through the USPS. I shall from now on.

The wedding invitations went out yesterday. I am waiting with glee for RSVPs to come back to my mother. I'm hoping that they will all have affectionate notes written in them. But perhaps this is just a dream?

Wealhtheow is upset that the rabbi won't call her back. I don't know who's officiating--the rabbi or her husband. I don't know the vows that we're saying. I'd like to speak to this lady sometime soon. I called today, and her father is coming home from the hospital today. So I'll call in a couple days. She really needs to get back to me about who's officiating the ceremony, because I need to send off the info for the ketubah. I understand that her father is ill, but when I contacted her about 4 months ago asking for her help in picking music for the ceremony, she told me her father was ill and she was busy. Then she never got back to me. This pattern is making me a little nervous. Perhaps a Wealhtheow friend will get ordained over the internet and will marry us. I'm extremely nervous about the prospect of not having any contact with this woman until a week before the wedding or something. If she's too busy for this, I think she needs to tell me NOW.

I'm just tense these days. I'm going shopping tonight for a rehearsal dinner dress. R. seems to think I should be wearing a full-length cocktail gown. He needs to understand that's not what we'll be doing. I need to talk to my FMIL about the rehearsal dinner. I don't know what time it is, who's being invited, what we're eating, etc. All I know is the date and the place.

I feel like the only thing I write about these days is the wedding, and I'm sorry about that. But it is the biggest thing going on in my life right now. Not only am I planning the biggest party I will ever plan until my own daughter gets married, but this is also going to be one of the most important days in my life. I feel like sometimes I get so lost in the details I forget to step back and realize what this day will really be about, which is R and I pledging our lives and love to each other in front of all our family and friends. I believe I'll take him out to dinner and a movie Friday night so we can just spend some time together away from all this wedding craziness.


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