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2002-06-20 - 4:28 p.m.

The Zen-like state has been rocked a little bit, but is still progressing thanks to my mom and my grammie!

My auntie has been throwing delicate little sabots into the works, but I'm crushing them with my Zen steamroller. This is not like James Taylor's steamroller.

The beloved fiance has a two new Toys, but one of them he claims is more for me. Yes, we are now the proud owners of an iPOD. I must admit, I like it, because it is small. When I go on the train tomorrow, I will have my entire music collection contained in something roughly the size of a pop-tart. I can listen to opera or bluegrass. Yippee!

I really miss my parents these days. Not so much as parents, but as friends. I saw them a couple weeks ago, and it really struck home how much I miss my dad's sense of humor. E-mail isn't quite the same. And I miss my mom's company. I liked just hanging out with her in the garden.

Going shopping with the cousins this weekend. Trying to find 2 dresses in 3 hours. The W. fiance says this will be no problem. The W. mother says "Are you kidding?"

Nice thing about this is as the wedding gets closer, I am more and more certain of what I'm doing. Sillyminx wrote that she couldn't even contemplate getting married. But R. and I have been together for over five years. I know him as completely as I can know anyone. He centers me and I temper him. We're good together. Everytime I start freaking out about the wedding, this is what I think of. And that is why I've stopped freaking. And I think when the thought of spending the rest of your life and intertwining your life with someone soothes you instead of scares you, that's a good sign that things are right in the relationship. Not okay for a while, but really deep-down right.

Plus he is getting into opera. FINALLY! He just loves Turandot. He bought it over the weekend and plays it over and over again on his computer. I'm so proud of him!


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