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morning after

2002-06-24 - 3:15 p.m.

The weekend was good. I actually had a lot of fun shopping with my cousins. We all agreed to do it again someday. Hopefully someday soon, although, obviously, not before the wedding.

The paternal Wealhtheow-grandmother is not doing well. The PGs are going to move up to PA near my aunt, their daughter. This will be good. Except my aunt is in complete denial over her mother's mental state. She thinks the W-G is basically all there except for some short-term memory lapses. However, these memory lapses include forgetting her son. "Steven? Who's Steven?" in utter confusion. She also had a moment last year when she was unable to grasp the concept of strong/weak.

I'm sure this is hideous and wrong of me, but I find this stuff absolutely fascinating. Not that I want my grandmother (or my maternal grandfather, for that matter) to be going through this and forgetting themselves. But it's interesting to see WHAT the brain forgets, to see exactly where it starts to disintegrate. I find the brain endlessly fascinating. If anyone can reccomend any good books on the matter, please do send me the titles.

Speaking of books, I've been reading the fiance's copy of Blind Man's Bluff. I highly reccomend! It even has laugh-out-loud moments! HAR-HAR! It is a non-fiction book about submarines in the Cold War.

I also just finished "Wicked" about the wicked witch of the west. Also worth a read.

People are starting to write witty things in the response cards. It is exciting! I am happy!

It is mid-afternoon, but I am so sleepy right now. I was very sick on Friday. I believe it was stress. Perhaps I shall take time out this weekend to go get a facial and calm my little self down. Or perhaps I shall even do it one weeknight.


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