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steamed, but lightly

2002-06-26 - 9:35 a.m.

Hello all!

Slightly steamed over some wedding-related stuff which I shall not go into here. However, have been e-mailing back and forth with my other sister-in-law, and she is such a sweetie! She's giving me very helpful advice for these last few weeks. She also said she'd help me with the favors! Yippee!

So that is that. Nothing else seems to be new in Wealhtheow-land. I might get a new bag today, as my old one is falling apart. Plus I must still purchase airfare for Florida. Maybe I shall be diligent and do this tonight.

I feel pretty sick and disgusting today. It is the heat, I am sure. It has been so hot here lately I feel like I'm dying! Yesterday I walked across the Key Bridge into Georgetown. It was much fun, but it would be even more fun in the fall when all the trees are changing.

Okay, sleepy girl out!


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