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Blackbird 4

2002-07-15 - 12:25 p.m.

We now have wedding rings and a ketubah. I feel like we can get married. Now I need to call the florist, photographer and dj to confirm, and I need to call the temple to rent a chuppah. I can't believe it's only three weeks away--I kept having nightmares about this months ago, but now that I'm this close, I know everything will be all right. And if it's not, this is just a wedding, not my marriage. R is really happy also, which makes me happy. HAR HAR I can overuse the word "happy!"

I had my wedding shower at work on Thursday--got lots of stuff! It was a lot of fun. We played shower games and everything! In fact, I tried to write about it but the computer locked up. I got beaucoup de bakeware, so this weekend my kitchen became prolific! I baked: cookies, blueberry muffins and popovers. Rick baked bread. I plan on perhaps making No-Pudge Fudge brownies tonight. I brought the cookies and some bread into work today to thank people for the bakeware. Tomorrow I might assemble little packages for L, J and B who bought me most of the bakeware. I really had forgotten how much I love to bake.

I'm getting very excited about the cruise, as well. We're taking a day to go explore Mayan ruins. Rick is really excited about it. This is our one really expensive shore excursion. We're NOT swimming with the dolphins, as that tour was sold out. So instead we're headed to the beach.

On an uninteresting side note, my phone keeps ringing, but by the time I pick it up, the person on the other line has hung up! Do I detect a significant absence of love for me?

In other wedding related news, F thinks she will be able to come to the wedding! I'm so happy! This is the one that owns the restaurant. Yippee doodle! Her mom is urging her to go and told her not to worry about who is going to cover her shifts.

I think that's about it on my end. I've been trying to be good about this diary, but I've been so crazy busy lately. I'm sure it will be updated more faithfully after the wedding.

OK that's it for me!

"A man and a woman

Are one.

A man and a woman and a blackbird

Are one."


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