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2002-07-17 - 3:07 p.m.

Everything is all worked out now. Turns out it was just a case of hysterics. YAY! Now I can be HAPPY about my wedding once again! I'm sure something like this will happen at least once more before the wedding, but I'll just try to rise above it all.

R. said he couldn't get to sleep till 3 am because he was stressed with the wedding issue. I said "welcome to my life." Just like my brother, a few weeks before the wedding he is finally starting to understand all the details. I must say, I'm not without a mean sense of satisfaction seeing him deal with wedding stress trauma. It's a tiny sense, but it is there. I close with Issa, even though it's sad.

A world of dew

Is a world of dew.

And yet, and yet...


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