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queen of the world

2002-08-21 - 5:11 p.m.

Har Har I need to leave soon, so this will be a very short entry. Once again a tremendously unproductive day. However, I looked at M's wedding pictures (so lovely!) and talked with N. about the fact that like 95% percent of my friends are Jewish. Actually, that may be down to 90% these days. Still, it makes me think. Do I want to be so insular? We are branching out though...many of my friends are now Catholics. Catholics and Jews, oh my!

OOOh, just got an e-mail from my wonderful perfect husband--he is making me bread! BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!!

OK, here's Mr. Stevens and then I'm OUTA HERE!


"At the sight of blackbirds/ Flying in a green light/ Even the bawds of euphony/ Would cry out sharply."

And yes, I DO know what that means. I looked up "bawds" and "euphony" in the dictionary, cause I am not that smart!

Queen Wealhtheow


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