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bye bye birdie

2002-08-22 - 4:35 p.m.

Voice teacher was wonderful last night--she gave me the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook for a wedding present--yippee, now I can eat yummy vegetables.

The husband did indeed cook bread. However, the yeast was CRRRAP and dough didn't rise, resulting in a disgusting lump of warm congealed dough. No bread for us. If anyone know where we can get good yeast, please let me know. I need to call my mom or her best friend, because they be baking FOOLS and they will have great catalogs where you can buy beautiful non-crappy yeast.

Getting really antsy for choir to start up again. Can't wait to get started--I think we're doing Carmina Burana first, as I have not yet heard anything about the Sept. 11 tribute concert. I'd really like to do something for that. Actually, at our first rehearsal after the day itself, we started off with singing one of Holst's Psalm 86--I'll put down the lyrics below. It makes me think of 9/11 every time I hear it--but it gave me and everyone else a lot of strength, to be singing all together.

"To my humble supplication/Lord, give ear and acceptation/Save thy servant who has none/ Help nor hope but thee alone./

To my soul oppressed with sadness/ Send, oh send redeeming gladness/ Which, from clod of earth set free,/ Wing'd with zeal flies up to thee.

To thee, rich in mercy's treasure/

And in goodness without measure/

Never failing help to those/

Who on thy sure help repose.

Heavenly tutor of thy kindness/

Teach my dullness, guide my blindness,/

That Thy path my steps may tread/

Which to endless bliss do lead."

There's a great tenor solo in the middle, but I can't remember the words.

Anywhoo. That is what is up with me. Nothing too dramatic.


Like the little fantasy fiend I am, I bought "The Star Scroll" by Melanie Rawn, after buying the first book of the trilogy on the airport.

Today I bought a short story collection by Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own" by the same (inspired by the MIL's seeming confusion at me keeping a separate checking account) and "In the Heart of the Sea," which is about the Essex. Now I will not allow myself to spend any more book money until they are ALL READ! Expect infrequent book reports.

No Mr. Stevens today for you, kiddies. I gave you religious stuff instead.


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