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weekend update

2002-08-26 - 5:22 p.m.

Hello my adoring fans!

News Updates:

The apartment is now livable again. We can walk without having to play hopscotch over boxes. But this may not last for long. My mother is sending out another shipment of boxes and my father claims that I shall need a luggage schlepper to get them all up to my wee apartment. I'm still excited, though, because I shall be receiving my beautiful Fire and Light goblets and my wonderful Provencal tablecloth, both from my mom's best fried C. Yippee!

Been poking around "In the Heart of the Sea." Very very good book. And fascinating to boot.

Saw "Signs" Friday night. Excellent movie that I wholeheartedly reccommend to anyone with a pulse.

I feel all responsible at work because I'm taking care of the ads this month in the absence of our managing editor. I'm like a real grown-up gal!

I'm all caught up with my thank-you notes. If you sent me something and do not receive a thank-you note within a week (they were mailed off today) PLEASE let me know as I would hate for you to think me a hideous boor who does not write thank-you notes! I wrote 18 of them last night. Three are not written because R wants to write them personally. I told him that he had until Sunday.

I've been looking at Rescue Bouviers on the web--these are dogs that are in need of rescuing, not dogs that rescue people. I saw several that I could take if I had a house and R's cooperation. Unfortunately, cool reason will prevail yet a while longer. I know that sooner or later I'm going to see one that I need to get. R. does not yet know about this. I've promised myself that I will wait until we get a place of our own before I get any pets.

That's the news from Lake Amygone. Short Stevens for you all.

"The river is moving./ The blackbird must be flying."

tomorrow is your last installment of "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird."


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