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2002-09-03 - 11:21 a.m.

This weekend was very nice.

Friday night we had dinner with M and D. It was muchos funnos. Saturday I slept way late and then we went up to visit E and G. I got eaten alive by mosquitos, but ONLY ON MY ANKLES, which is weird. The bites still itch. We spend Saturday night with them, and Sunday we all went shopping at the mall. I bought two pairs of pants. It was very very nice. Then we went home and had dinner with L. Except all of us had eaten very late lunches and no one was hungry. So we just picked at the sushi I had bought for an appetizer. Monday I did not get out of bed till about 5:30 pm. I was so lazy and it was so nice! We cooked up the chicken we had marinated on Sunday night, and it was so yummy! I felt like an adult because we finally ate at the table--normally it is too clogged with crap.

I also bought my brother his ferret calendar--every year I give him one for Christmas. I shall give him something else as well, but he gets ferret calendars until the end of time.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner and a play with H and E. We're seeing "Anthems," which is billed as a "valentine to DC." Yippee! Actually it is supposed to be very funny--there is an interview with Tian Tian in it. For those poor souls not in the know, Tian Tian is our male panda (Mei Shong is the female). Tian Tian means "more and more," as in we hope he produces more and more pandas, which will all go back to Red China. We're renting the pandas for a million dollars a year for ten years. They shall go back soon. Mei Shong means "beautiful fragrance." If anyone has any questions about the National Zoo, just ask me as I am a ZOO FIEND! Although I have not been since February and am experiencing major withdrawals. Perhaps I shall go in the next weekend or so. Next summer I might join the young adult Zoo group--we have happy hours at the zoo. My favorite animals at the zoo are the pandas and the elephants--I could look at the elephants all day long! Although it is very exciting that they now have wolves--they got them about 6 months ago I think.

I LOVE ANIMALS! but I don't have a bumper sticker on my car attesting to that fact. All I have is a UCSB one, a "Sexism is a social disease" one and a "Save Headwaters/Ancient Forest" one.



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