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kitty crank

2002-09-17 - 5:28 p.m.

Went to rehearsal last night, and much madcap hilarity ensued. Doug (conductor) tried to explain to us just why young medieval men were so happy to see spring--"In the winter, two people couldn't get time alone because everyone was crowded inside. But in the spring a young man was easier too...oh, you probably know more about this anyway." It was very funny! More so than you would think by how I've written it.

We are addicting our cat to catnip. We have plans to get her hopped on on kitty crank and send her out into the world to do battle for us against people we don't like. She'll spread her allergens throughout DC like a mad pestilence! Then come slinking back home to us, desperate for another fix.

I was listening to NPR All Things Considered and they had a segment on "100 Words High School Students (and their parents) Should Know." They had "incognito" on the list. Is Wealhtheow a huge snob, or should EVERYONE be familiar with that word after 9th grade? Every so often I realize that I do have a nice big vocabulary. This was driven home when studying for the GRE with the husband and a couple friends. I was the only one who know what "vulpine" meant. Is that honestly not obvious? I mean, what the hell else could it mean!!!

Enough of my self-inflicted intellectual snobbery. The air conditioner at work broke. Then the e-mail broke. Than our server broke. And since I just paid rent, I'm broke too!

With that I bid you adieu. Keep a sharp eye out for angel-headed hipster kitties, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix of catnip.


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