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Amy's singing career

2002-09-26 - 1:43 p.m.

R and I went to the Spy Musuem to hear former CIA agents Tony and Jonna Mendez speak--it was fascinating. They did many disguises for us. Then R bought their book and they signed it for us. I get to read the book (Spy Dust) first because R is too busy with grad. student books. It was interesting to hear them speak with such fervor and affection about the CIA--I had pretty much come to the conclusion that the CIA was evil, but perhaps I shall be more balanced after reading their book. Plus I think it will be tres interessant to get a women's story coming out of the intelligence world--esp. since she was active in the field during a time when there weren't that many women in intelligene. I talked to her about this, and she said that in a lot of ways it was an advantage--she could be invisible in certain parts of the world. She also said that it was a lot easier to get information out of men.

Then we had dinner and R. asked if I wanted to go back to school. He urged me to start looking at music schools and conservatories in the DC area and to start talking to people about what I need to do to go professional. As I expressed over e-mail this morning, sometimes his faith in me is staggering. He really thinks I could become a decent name on the DC scene. Perhaps I will e-mail another singer I found on diaryland and ask her advice--she is just starting to go completely pro (as in she doesn't sing if she doesn't get paid--I don't get to sing UNLESS I pay!). This is a really exciting time for me! It's just been in the past few months that I've really really considered going professional. I'm still not sure how feasible it is--of course I couldn't support myself, but I could bring in a supplementary income.

So that's what's up. If I'm really serious about this whole plan I need to really devote a lot more time to my voice than I'm doing right now--right now I'm doing 4-5 hours a week, and I think I need to up that to at least 10 hours a week.

That's what's up for now kiddies.


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