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2002-10-04 - 10:36 a.m.


Party night with graduate students--surprising amount of fun. These were not the scary ones, but rather the ones with fully developed social skills. YAY! I meet the woman who went to school in Humboldt, and other grad students who I'd only met once or twice were really happy to see me! I felt loved...

I also felt loved on the phone call front. 3 out of the 4 sisters-in-law called. The fourth called at 11:30 pm--Pacific time. Which means 2:30 am my time. Oh well.

Yesterday I went to PetCo. I bought, among other various cat sundries, a harness and leash. We took Mizinha out for walk last night. It didn't really work. She freaked, big time. It was kind of cool.

My birthday party is tonight. I thought there would be ten people, but one by one they cancelled. Now we are left with four people, two of which will only be there for a little while. Not feeling the birthday love.

I think that's it for my updates. Today I'm off to the DMV--to finally change my freaking name!!


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