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2002-10-31 - 12:59 p.m.

Much stuff has happened.

Sorry I haven't updated in so long--the sniper stuff was very much affecting me--I became withdrawn and lethargic. But now the (alleged)fuckers are caught. By the way, I refuse to swiftly concur with certain people that simply because they are religious Muslims (religious in the mannner of bizarre culty people) that this was an act of terrorism in sympathy with or under the direction of Al Quaeda. I mean, come on. Timothy McVeigh wasn't seen as a Christian terrorist (even though I definitely categorize him as a terrorist). To me, a terrorist is someone who deliberately targets civilians for political purposes. Shooting people at 50 yards because you have a god complex doesn't count.

Other stuff: Mizinha the cat has ear infections--but she is on antibiotics and is much better. Kudos to the wonderful husband for realizing something was wrong--I simply would have figured cats have dirty ears and left it at that.

I saw Vanessa Tuesday night with Kiri Te Kanawa and Lucy Schaufer. Dame Kiri was fabulous of course--her top is as floaty and creamy as ever. But Lucy Schaufer was a wonderfuly shocking surprise--that woman can SING!

I enjoyed the opera very much--the music was a little too lush and romantic at times, but not too often. The first aria, "Must the winter come so soon?" and the final quintet, "To leave, to break," were the high points of the opera. WOW!

This weekend: I'm helping out at the AASA Women's Conference. It should be great. Also, we're going to run around and look at houses. Yes, that's right, houses.

OK, I think that's it. I'll try to update more frequently.


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