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2002-11-15 - 4:13 p.m.

The other day I ate matzo ball soup for lunch. This was the Manischewitz soup-in-a-jar, but it is SO GOOD. The matzo balls are light and fluffy, just like my Nana would make if she ever cooked. I believe that when poor Jewish folk get tired of their mothers, they send them to the Manischewitz factory where all the bubbes make matzo balls all day long. They pay them decent wages ("All the time I spent slaving over the hot stove, and you want I should make my matzo balls for minimum wage?"). If they are very very good and productive, they are allowed to leave a message on the answering machines of their errant children ("Amilah, it's your mother. I just wanted to tell you to wear a scarf, because it might be cold today. And a rain jacket, because it looks clear but you can never tell. Bye bye, darling!") But when they've been bad, they're placed into an alternate reality where ALL their children and grandchildren married to goyim. Seriously, you should try the soup. Support the New Jersey bubbes.


Antonio Caldara: Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo--quite quite gorgeous. With Scholl. Also "Ombra ma fui" which is a collection of Handel arias.

Handel: Messiah--the Neville Marriner. Not wild about it, but it may very well grow on me. We'll see.

Vaughn Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem and Five Sacred Songs. Dona Nobis Pacem made me burst into tears. I sobbed for at least five minutes straight. "Oh man, greatly beloved, fear not..."

Vaughn Williams: Arctic Symphony and Aristophanes: The Wasps. V.W. touches me in a place that very few composers do. The only other ones that can elicit such a dramatic response are Hovanhess and Mozart.

I think that wraps up my music spree. I bought all these cds within about 3 days. I just went nuts, you know? Plus I still REALLY need Barber's Vanessa and the Upshaw-Ramey-Bumbry The Rake's Progress. Plus I'm starting to get that special feeling in the pit of my stomach that means I want to pick up another recording of Die Zauberflote. I'm on a search for the perfect Konigin der Nacht.

I've been a bad reading girl, as I have spent all my free time (HAR HAR there's a laughable concept) listening to music or playing on my nana's piano, which is now in residence in my living room. It makes the whole room quite cramped, but it's nice to have a piano. Really really really nice. But the end result is that I have not read anything new or interesting for quite some time. Ideas? Please leave them in the guest book.

Weather is getting colder, and we still have beaucoup de rum. I would like to make hot buttered rum. It sounds so yummy, but I'm not certain my pathetic culinary skills are up to it.

Off to rehearsal for Carmina Burana. Concert tomorrow night. Oh yes indeed.


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