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2002-11-25 - 11:13 a.m.

Mizinha-cat is at the vet again. She cut her face somehow (we're not sure, but we suspect a hanger from the closet). R just called from the vet--the receptionist thinks she has some Siamese in her. I heartily concur! Her face is quite Siamese-like, she is very talkative and she has plenty of attitude! She was being very sweet this weekend, though. She didn't even bite my fingers this morning--surely this is a sign she's not feeling well?

Our Jetta now has its license plates. This might pose a problem, as the main way I've been identifying the car has been through the dealer tags. It is shocking, absolutely shocking, how many folks in the DC metro area have Jettas, specifically, and VWs in general. My pregnant friend A calls us "the Volks Folks." Yes indeedy-o.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. I really want to give my mother-in-law a lachrymatory, but R says absolutely not. I think she'd really enjoy it and appreciate the significane (plus it's purty) but he's put his foot down. Mind you, he doesn't have any suggestions as to what to get her.


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