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cat update #1

2002-12-17 - 3:15 p.m.


The tests they want to run would cost $750. If these tests show anything, they'll find something that is untreatable. So we're not having the tests done, at least not until we recover financially from the holidays.

The cat appears to be feeling fine. She's frisky, is running around getting into trouble, is miawing at us, and in all ways acting like a healthy little cat. She appears to be in no pain.

So aside from the financial situation, if she only has a few months to live, I'd hate to have them filled with vet visits and poking and prodding. Instead we'll fill her days with toys and good food and warm naps and lots of love.

The maddening thing is the uncertainty. She could have another 15 years or she could have 5 months. We have absolutely no idea. But that knowledge alone isn't worth $750 to me, especially because I know that the spending won't stop there.

We're trying to take the cat to LA with us so she can have at least one Christmas with us. Otherwise she'll be staying with friends. I don't want her staying alone as the poor thing would get so lonely and sad.


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