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2002-12-18 - 12:45 p.m.

We are trying to take the news about our cat in stride. We're assuming she has only a few months to live and are going to treat her like that. So basically the cat will get anything she wants. So if she lives for 12-15 years we're going to have one badly spoiled cat on our hands. But I'd be happy nevertheless.

Now I feel really guilty about all the wisecracks about her I posted on Diaryland. Poor little baby.

Gearing up for the trip to LA. Looking forward to seeing friends, but I kind of wish I was staying here instead. Things are very tense right now in the family, and I think it's going to be a tough tough Christmas. But whatever. I need to get some new clothes for the holiday--fortunately I still have my gift certificate to Talbot's and I forsee spending it all tomorrow night.

Voice lesson tonight and I've actually been very good about practicing this time around. So I'm feeling pretty good. But I know my body is not going to behave in the way it should. Between being sick and being stressed there is no way my chest is going to be open tonight. Oh well. We'll just go slow.

I've been practicing some Christmas carols because I have a strong suspicion that R's grandmother might ask me to sing--she wanted to hear me sing the day after the wedding--like hell!!

In more good news, the wedding pictures should be in LA by the time I am. So if you want to see them you can stop by. It will be muchos funos. Hear the deep conviction in my voice.


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