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2002-12-30 - 3:50 p.m.

yet more cat updates: We know think she probably has feline hemolytic anemia, which is an autoimmune disorder. The good news is that we can treat it with steroids and she can probably live a normal life--IF that's the problem. We have her on prednisone now and we should see results in a couple weeks.

So now the catbaby is on steroids--we will PUMP HER UP like a little feline body-builder. We'll enter her in competitions until she wins enough prize money to pay off her vet bills. R. will be her trainer.

Trip to LA was interesting--we got to see a lot of friends and I finally got to meet my brother's dogs--The Boys.

Everyone keeps griping about Christmas. Am I the only freaking person in the world that actually LIKES giving people presents? Evidently my family is much mellower than the rest of the world--because it seems like this year I've heard nothing but complaining about the rampant consumerism and people being forced to buy gifts. Jesus! If you feel that strongly about it, don't buy anything. Or contribute money to charity. I got the husband (among other things) a membership to Friends of the Sea Otter. It was one of his favorite gifts. There are very few people for whom I feel it is a chore to buy a gift--and I don't freaking complain about it all the time. Sometimes I feel like all I hear these days are people bitching because they gave too much, didn't get enough of the stuff they wanted, blah blah blah blah blah. Just be happy with what you're given. If it really truly bothers you that Christmas has become a materialistic holiday (strangely enough, I hear few people clamoring "don't get me anything for my birthday, don't sell out to the consumer machine") than just freaking abstain--don't bitch to me about how I'm shallow because I enjoy a sincere exchange of goodwill represented by gifts.

Gifts to myself included:

Stormy Weather by Carl Hiasen: As always, sick, twisted and hysterical. Noteworthy by the absence of my fave. Hiasen noun--"shit-weasel."

Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera: Haven't finished yet, but highlights include a lesbian dog. Plus some gorgeous prose and heartbreaking story.

Mozart Requiem on Dorian Label: Pretty good so far--just got it today.

Brahms "Ein deutsches Requiem": Haven't listened to it yet--recording is with Klemperer and my darling Elisabeth Scwarzkopf. Expect a report soon.

Also I should be getting a package from my parents soon--which should contain the much-requested "Rake." If it doesn't, rest assured that I shall be purchasing "The Rake's Progress" myself--either way, expect a review within the next few weeks.

Gift highlight of the season: R. got me an iPod. Now I can have ALL my music with me wherever I go. Rest assured that I frequently listened to my sneak preview of the Rosan Stabat Mater--Scholl singing "O quam tristis et afflictis" It was gorgeous and calming.


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