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2003-01-21 - 4:48 p.m.

Long time no writing. Sorry!!

OK. The other day I was stepping off the elevator and got checked out by three guys. Mind you, I was with my HUSBAND. Maybe looking a little pretty and glowy thanks to some elevator kissing, but still quite obviously WITH MY HUSBAND. If you saw a woman and a man exiting the elevator together and holding hands, would you ogle her breasts and then smarmily smile at her? I hope not. Just icky. Why do men do this?

Perhaps some of you wonder why I have the "what firearm I would be" badge at the bottom of the page. To tell the truth, I'm getting a little bored with it and am thinking of taking it off. But I have enjoyed having it on there. I miss target shooting and look forward to taking it up again soon. I enjoy the skill involved and I enjoy developing my hand-eye coordination, which still sucks. And to be completely honest, I enjoy flouting the stereotype. Here I am, a crunchy nature-girl opera-freak bibliophile--but I like guns. I enjoy the admiring looks I get from my husband's friends when they find out I shoot--not because they think it's sexy (although some of them might?) but because they enjoy that I'm willing to put aside the accepted code of behavior for women and get out to play with the boys. I like getting outside of myself like that and focusing on the purely physical challenge of shooting straight.

Which is also why I'm toying with the idea of training for a marathon. The husband will do so as well. That and the fact that we seriously need to get in shape and lose weight. And it would be nice to spend that time together--once I get up to his speed. I'm looking forward to the challenge involved. But no promises that this plan will come to fruition.

Went up to PA this weekend to see the whole paternal family. Only people that weren't there were my brother and sister-in-law and one cousin. Even my dad's cousins and a few assorted progeny were there. It was nice. For my cousin's bat mitvah in May we're trying to get everyone. Even my bro is trying to come out from Calif. It will be nice.


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