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be thou my good

2003-02-04 - 4:35 p.m.

Reviews are long overdue to you:

German Requiem--as magnificent as they always say it is. Schwarzkopf is wunderbar, of course.

Mozart's c minor Mass with Dame Kiri--just really really really gorgeous. I can't get tired of listening to this one. It really is sheer perfection and I highly reccommend it to anyone looking to get into Mozart. he really is the master.

Bach b minor Mass with Julianne Baird--also amazing--at least the first half, which is all I've listened to today.

Verdi Requiem--Solti--I know everyone says Sutherland is the low point of this recording. And I agree--her voice sometimes sounds a little lost. BUT--I still think she hammers the Libera Me--I never understood what this was about until I heard her sing it. And I know this piece probably better than any other piece of choral music (not that's saying much). I heartily reccommend. Marilyn Horne is truly awesome, if a little brassy in her lowest notes. Pavarotti is at the top of his form. Solti does an excellent job with tempi and dynamics. And this chorus just kicks hiney. This is my third Requiem recording--second professional. I want two more.

The Hours--book--I heartily reccomend. He even talks about the sparrows talking in Greek! Author really did his research, but it doesn't glare. Even though I accidentally skipped ahead and read the spoiler, the book still resonates. It doesn't even begin to get hokey until the final few pages.

Robin Williams--Live from Broadway--this is worth getting for the spiel about golf alone. Other highlights include "cats are like drag queens--who loves kitty? Do you love kitty?"

Those are my reviews. They are not intelligent because I am sleepy and stressed. The cat keeps waking me up halfway through the night. She is getting barred from the room tonight, the ungrateful baggage. Perhaps if you are very lucky I shall modify these reviews at a later date.

Sometimes I just don't feel smart anymore. I made my mom send me Genji--but I didn't really want to reread it immediately. I just wanted to read my favorite sentence--"Prince Genji, the shining prince, was dead, and there was none to take his place." Sometimes I feel Murasaki could just have written that one sentence and left it there. It sums up the whole book. Of course, if you didn't read the whole book, you'd never get it. But that one sentence encapsulates the experience of "Tale of Genji" better than any one sentence sums up any other work of literature. Better even than "Evil, be thou my good" from PL (Milton).

Chocolate, be thou my good.


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