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snow wang

2003-02-27 - 9:53 a.m.

Did anyone else see the story about the giant snow penis at Harvard? I swear to God, the thing reads like an Onion article. I mean, women are out there starving, being raped and beaten, not getting adequate health care, not getting adequate child care support from our government, and these crazy spoiled little girls are whining about a penis MADE FROM SNOW!!! PUH-LEASE!!!

Did these women ever stop to think that they are giving the phallus far more power than it should have by allowing themselves to be bothered by this? All they're doing is reinforcing their victim status--which is why I never had any patience with the feminists at my college. All they ever did was whine about how men hit on them at Isla Vista parties. Now granted, I understand that this is part of the rape culture that I do believe we live in--but how is bitching about it part of the solution? Instead of tearing down the snow penis, maybe these gals should have started some sort of dialogue about why they felt threatened by it and asking the men why they thought it would be a good idea to build it. OR GEE, MAYBE THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING CALLING ATTENTION TO REAL ISSUES WOMEN NEED TO FACE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY!!!


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