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war day 1

2003-03-20 - 11:35 a.m.


Bright autumn moon;

pond snails crying

in the saucepan.


Protestors this morning blocked a bridge into the city, resulting in yet another traffic jam.

I don't support the war. Not at all. But I do work with a nonprofit education association. I'm in the business of helping people help kids learn. I'm in the business of helping our schools run smoothly and working for legislation to adequately fund schools and teachers and kids. When protestors block access into a city, they block people like me from doing my job. The only people being directly affected by these tactics are working men and women.

If you are a protestor and are reading this, then please think the next time you try to block off access. The only task you accomplish is pissing off people whose sympahties would otherwise be with you. There are an awful lot of jobs in DC that have nothing to do with the war machine. There are an awful lot of jobs in DC that have lots and lots to do with improving life for everyone in the country, especially for underserved sections of the population.

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