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Klamath outrage.

2003-03-24 - 12:54 p.m.

First things first.

CAT UPDATE: Although it certainly appears that she tore her third eyelid/membrane almost in half, the cat did not make a visit to the vet. She's healing quite well, and received regular schmears of antibiotics and atropine. Her vision is probably permanently screwed up, but since she can never be allowed outside anyway, I'm not too concerned.

Other first things second.

The federal government has refused to investigate the Klamath fish kill. See, a biologist made the oh-so-astute observation that if you take all the water and give it to farmers instead of letting it flow in the river, it will have detrimental and possibly fatal effects on the salmon population. Turns out he was...(wait for it)...right! But the U.S. Office of Special Counsel refuses to consider that his advice was deliberately squashed because of political pressure.

So now it goes to the courts. I hope. Because we're fucking over the general health of the Klamath River, a species, Indian tribal land rights, local economics, and the whole idea behind the environmental movement. And this really needs to be addressed. Please go to

to help take action. I'd hate to see this slip under the radar because of the war.


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