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day of the dolphin

2003-03-28 - 11:45 a.m.

First things first: A rather large shout-out to Luis for leaving the first recipe in the guest book. Appropriate shout-outs will be given to others who choose to impart their culinary goodness into my life.


Cat--doing rather well. The Elizabethan collar will remain on for another couple weeks.

Thai food--duly ordered and consumed last night.

Arts--Denyce Graves, the WORLD-RENOWNED mezzo (of whom no one in my family knows) is singing, and yours truly shall be in attendance on Saturday.

Husband--has a sniffle, but we may rest assured it is not SARS.

By the way, is anyone aware that we are actually using dolphins to sweep for mines in the Persian Gulf? I saw it on Yahoo news the other day. Evidently we've been doing this for a while. I always thought that was science fiction--"Day of the Dolphin" type stuff. Using dolphins in war seems obscene--but since they are only searching for mines and not planting explosives I guess it is okay--they are saving lives after all. Rest assured that the dolphins have been taught to avoid touching the mines. After all, it would really be a PR nightmare to have Flipper explode. The big concern, actually, is local dolphins. Dolphins are territorial, and they might get into a big dolphin show-down.

Actually, I take it back--it is obscene to use dolphins in war. It's one thing to use dogs--dogs have intertwined their lives with ours. But dolphins exist completely apart from us, and I can't help but feel it is wrong to use them as soldiers.


Check it out--tax credits for corporations who give money to vouchers for armed forces kids. But it doesn't take need into consideration--so a general's kid is just as eligible as a private's kid. It's another example of our government (or rather FL's goverment) using the war to sneak in legislation it's clear the country disapproves of.

In another very special message to another loyal reader: SillyMinx, I'm sending your books to you today--you'll be getting one box o'educational goodness and an envelope containing the Jossey-Bass Reader on Gender in Education. Swift and prompt repayment in the form of a recipe in the guestbook would be appreciated, although not strictly necessary.


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