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recipe call part 2

2003-04-01 - 12:42 p.m.

Okay, 2nd try. I wrote a long beautiful entry last night and then lost it, so here I shall attempt to recreate it.

No chicken got roasted. But pizza and Boston Market Chicken was consumed. Yippee for me.

The Denyce Graves concert was wonderful. She started off with Dowland's "Come Again," in a different arrangement than I'm used to hearing. I'd love to know who edited it. She went through some Purcell and I believe Haydyn before singing Brahms and some Frenchy music. Her lows are velvety and quite gorgeous, with none of the brassiness that I tend to hear with some mezzos. Her highs were not quite as good--they sounded a little too far back and somewhat "hooty." She brought down the house with one of her signature pieces: "Mon coeur s'ouevre a ta voix" and deservedly so--she was much visibly much more comfortable with this material. In the second half she sang some Latin American music; much of it was interesting, but the first number sounded like a bad cross between salsa and opera--it just didn't work for me. She closed with American sprituals, and as with the Saint Saens, she was in great voice. Her highs here were bright and brilliant, without overspreading. The encore, as is common, was the best part. Graves positively smoldered as Carmen while singing "L'amour etait un oiseau rebelle" which is her signature role. She might as well have been in costume on the opera stage instead of in the recital hall--you could see the soldiers she was singing to. She also sang a great little number I've never heard--"Sometimes a girl just needs a dog." At the end of the song, her dog came out on stage. I'm sure it was hers, because he ran out to the pianist, looked up at him as if to say "Wait--you're not Mom" and then ran to Graves and started jumping up on her. Or perhaps she just had some chicken concealed on her person.

No shout-outs will be given today for the recipe contest. You are all still encouraged to submit recipes in the guest book, even if you are a lurker. In fact, especially if you are a lurker. However, I shall make a deal with you all. If I get 4 more recipes in my in-box, I shall share my secret recipe for Congo Squares, which are a yummy dessert. If I get 20 recipes total (19 to go), I shall share my ULTRA-SECRET Irish Soda Bread recipe that was passed down from my great-grandmother. There are people in my family that don't have access to this recipe, but for 20 usable recipes, I shall sell my soul and let you in on the world's best soda bread.

Okay kids, I'm off to eat unhealthy processed foods cause work is busier than a Bush offspring with a keg.


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