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guess who's back?

2003-04-28 - 2:26 p.m.

I'm back. Took a couple weeks off for cat-related grief and then took another week off owing to fever. I shan't leave you that long again.


My job moved to a new building. I'm now in a cubicle. But it's a nice cubicle, nicer in fact than my old office. I get a window, dramatically more file, storage and counter space, and I'm right next door to a gym (which I am considering joining, as it is the gym of the estimable Fritzi). However, it is also freezing, which is why I had a fever last week. Seriously, folks, I'm sitting here with a blanket on my lap. Now that's just wrong, isn't it? On the plus side, I am now 8 minutes from the apartment, which segues nicely into the next bit of news...

R's birthday is today. Here's a shout-out to the husband. I'm going to choir tonight instead of making him a lovely birthday dinner, so I took a long lunch today, went home and bought him lunch at the coffee shop. Yummy.

CHOIR NEWS: As some of you may be aware, Anonymous 4 (the ultra-amazing early music quartet) is disbanding and next year will be their final year on tour. Their final concert in the DC area will be with my choir, doing Voices of Light again. More details on this later, but it is in June and you are all welcome to come see it.

Also, I have a recital coming up at the end of March. Still deciding what I'll sing, although I'm pretty sure "I Love All Graceful Things" will be on the program. Expect updates.

Movies seen include Bend It Like Beckham and Lilo and Stitch, both of which I highly recommend. I know I just finished reading something fascinating, but I can't remember what. Also read Peter Mayle's "Hotel Pastis" which was adorable and made me miss Provence quite badly.

I'm egging my parents on about getting another dog. My mom was interested in adopting a blond Bouvier bitch called "Jackie," but someone else snatched her up. Now she's looking at breeders, thinking about a puppy. This lead to a discussion with the husband about what kind of dog we would like when the time comes. I'm mainly attracted to large shaggy dogs, but the husband doesn't seem so keen on that. Breeds mentioned include Rotties*, German Shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Lab/Retriever mixes, and, briefly, Newfies* and Chessies.* Any thoughts you may have on any of these breeds can be left in the guestbook.

By the way, thanks all for the recipes. My recipe for Kongo Squares are long overdue, but rest assured it will appear in this space in the next 48 hours.

MARATHON news--on hold, but not permanently. I was reading an article somewhere today about giving stuff up for Lent, and how it's become more of a fitness fad than a religious thing. Not that I do Lent, being all Jewish and all, but the marathon plan had less to do with fitness and more to do with spiritual discipline. Not that I'd offer it up to God or anything, but it would be a test of my will and of my faith to run a marathon. I did start running back when this was first raised in the journal. However, I'm woefully out of shape and my knees started hurting. So the marathon is getting put off for a while, but I continue to strive to work towards it. Expect highly infrequent updates.

In related news, the stated goal of cooking more frequently and eating more vegetables is progressing quite nicely. Last night we had a large salad, whole wheat pasta tossed with Thai peanut sauce, and strawberries for dessert. It was a delicious and healthful meal, and really only took about 15 minutes. I highly recommend.

OK kids, I think that about wraps up this entry. Until next time....

*Rottweilers, Newfoundlands and Cheasapeake Bay retrievers, respectively.


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