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i have a yonge suster

2003-05-22 - 10:24 a.m.

Interesting news tidbit of the day--there is compelling circumstancial evidence that Mozart died of trichinosis. It is known for a fact that he had pork cutlets 44 days before he fell ill, and his symptoms match up with trichinosis. Other possibilities include renal failure. Fascinating, huh?

Other news in my life--I finally met my cousin Justin. We haven't seen in each in over 20 years. He's nice. Rather intense, and a little into testing people, but quite nice. I enjoyed spending time with him.

Both my grandfathers were in the hospital this week. It was a rather uncomfortable reminder that sooner or later, they'll be gone. Grandpa left the hospital yesterday and is now in a nursing home, as my grandmother can no longer take care of him without some serious risks to her safety. Pappy is still in the hospital--he had a minor stroke, but seems to recovering extremely quickly. He should be home today or tomorrow.

I've always considered Pappy mostly immortal. The idea of him being sick adn dying is ludicrous to me. And now I'm having to face the fact that he is not my father's age, that he getting to be an old man. It just depresses me.

We've been buying music from the Apple store at an unholy rate. Last night I acquired some George Michael. I also bought an actual CD--another Dawn Upshaw collection--The Girl with Orange Lips. Expect a review within the next couple weeks.

We're heading out this weekend for my cousin's bat mitzvah.

Now, for your delectation, "I have a yonge suster"

I haue a 3ong suster

fer be3ondyn že se,

many be že dowryis

žat che sente me.

che sente me že cherye

with-outyn ony ston,

& so che ded že dowe

with-outyn ony bon.

sche sente me že brer

with-outyn ony rynde,

sche bad me loue my lemman

with-oute longgyng.

How xuld ony cherye

be with-oute ston?

& how xuld only dowe

ben with-oute bon?

how xuld ony brer

ben with-oute rynde?

how xuld y loue myn lemman

with-out longyng?

Quan že cherye was a flour

žan hadde it non ston.

quan že dowe was an ey,

žan hadde it non bon.

Quan že brer was on-bred,

žan hadde it non rynd.

quan že mayden ha3t žat che louit,

che is with-out longing.


Gloss:dowryis (dowry, gifts); dowe (dove); brer (briar); rynde (thorn); how xuld y loue myn lemman (how should I love my sweetheart); ey (egg); quan že mayden ha3t žat che louit (when the maiden has that she loves)


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