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2003-05-29 - 2:04 p.m.

The bat mitzvah was a success for one and all. Much fun was had with all the family, including Cheri the sister-in-law.

Among the family activities was a trip to the movies, where we saw The Matrix Reloaded. It was plenty funny, but I soon got sick of all the smugly condescending references. Nothing pisses me off quite like folks showing off how smart they are. However, the next day we incorporated the movie into our lobster playtime. That's right--bad weather resulted in dramatically reduced prices for live lobster, and as the water was boiling we reenacted scenes from the Matrix, with slight overtones of Highlander (the ringing cry of "There can be only one!" was indeed heard throughout the house that morning).

So it was a nice little break. On Tuesday R and I had an intimate lunch with my grandparents--Pappy is doing just fine. Plus I purchased a beautiful evening purse for my dear old self--although R says he will split the bill with me.

Recital coming up on Saturday. I'm singing "Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella." Worked on it last night with the Voice Teacher--I'm having some problems controlling my breath due to nerves, and am forcing everything out in a stentorian manner. I'm endeavoring to keep it light and economize the breath, which is not as easy as it might sound. We're also doing a lot of work on coloratura (very fast singing), as that is where the VT seems to think my voice should be. It's amazing to me how agile and flexible my voice really is once I relax.

And before I forget, there are signs all throughout Maryland exhorting one to "report suspicious terrorist activity." But, as L said, the innocuous terrorist activity you can feel free to ignore. If they're smiling and waving at you as they strap bombs to bridges, there's no need to fear. Only if they are skulking about should you be concerned, evidently. Indeed! Or, as certain folks in flame wars have been known to exclaim, "Twaddle!"


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