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2003-06-03 - 9:33 a.m.

The recital was something of a success, as I did not flub anything too badly. The voice teacher thought I did quite well and complimented me on my coloratura. Interestingly enough, the two friends I had come thought I was a mezzo-soprano (which is lower and often more resonant than a soprano). I'm not sure this is accurate--I don't think my voice is rich enough for mezzo range, but I'll talk to the voice teacher.

My re-audition for FCS also went very well. I had to sing the opening bars from "In Paradisum" from the Faure Requiem, and when I had reached the end Doug (the conductor) asked me to continue on. So I did. He said he could tell I'd been working very hard on my voice and that he was very glad I was returning to the choir. I'm glad too.

Last night I was a profligate gal and spent $$ at Border's. I bought Schoenberg's "Understanding Harmony," which, to be perfectly honest, I don't really have a prayer of understanding. But I figure if I just keep reading it diligently sooner or later it will make sense. I'll keep you updated.

Also bought Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" at the suggestion of my mother. Sassy detective novel. My favorite line so far is "As far as I was concerned, women's rights were worthless if they meant I couldn't ask a man to do my bug-squashing." After the surface uber-feminism of Laurell Hamilton, this was a nice change. Hamilton's character Anita Blake gets all hot and bothered if someone should call her Miss Blake instead of Ms. Blake, and yet gamely persists in jumping into bed with any male creature she should see and consistently derives her sense of self-worth from the men around her, while steadily becoming incapable of maintaining female friendships. I'm not entirely sure how Hamilton feels this empowers her character, but since she wrote this line-- "She was one of those women who liked being a wife and a mother. Good. More freedom for the rest of us."--I'm assuming she has her reasons.

Also bought Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman," and you may expect a review in the next few weeks. I've been meaning to get some Wagner for a long time, and meaning not to get some for even longer. Wagner is so wrapped up with anti-Semitism that it was hard for me to admit I needed to listen to him. Plus I haven't particularly enjoyed what I've heard of him. But I realized that if I really want to be educated about opera there is no way I can ignore Wagner. It's like being an English major and refusing to read Chaucer and Shakespeare. No one said you have to like them, but you must be familiar with them and the influence they had on English language and literature.

Also ordered Harry Potter #5, and am literally counting down the days. Which is odd, because I didn't count down the days to my wedding until about 4 days before. But indeed, thanks to the Borders sign, I know 18 days remain until I can get my hands on HP. I've already warned the husband that all I will be doing that weekend is devouring the book.

So there goes my day. Aujourd'hui I plan on cleaning my house and perhaps even my kitchen! Tomorrow night I shall do some light shopping for our best friend Jeremy who is coming to visit. He shall be the receipient of cinnamon buns and pink lemonade.


Ms. Minxy--It might be poor circulation. It happens when I type, and I don't use that finger to type at all.

L--to you i remain queen wealhtheow.

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Expect results from the cooking contest soon.


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