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2003-06-16 - 12:07 p.m.


I have now read two volumes of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Pum series. Indeed they are the same stories told over and over again, and implausibly at that, but I dare anyone to read the 2nd installation and not laugh out loud when the grandmother does her Dirty Harry spiel. These are perfect beach candy, albeit no beach vacation is in sight.

Die Fliegende Hollander, if you'll pardon my likely erroneous German, is great. Although I went into it perfectly prepared to hate it with many a sneer, I indeed have come to love it. The overture, the sailor choruses, the leitmotifs, all really fabulous. I highly reccomend. I think this is a little bit of Wagner-lite, so probably a good introduction. Next I might go for parts of the Ring cycle, although I am a little intimidated. Oh well, ever onward.

Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks. Although I feel this is probably somewhat biased, I think it offers a good look at what the world is like for women in Islamic theocracies, most notably Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is certainly interesting, and as it is a very quick read, I'd advise you to pick up a copy from the library and give it a whirl. I was a little disappointed that Brooks showed so few women who have been content with taking the hijab. I'm sure they're out there--the ones that she does show come off as either pathetic or reactionary. I would have enjoyed a more balanced view. I'd be interestd in knowing your opinions.

Also, because I slavisly worship L in every way, I picked up Garth Nix's Sabriel. Quite good, and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel Lirael one of these days. I particularly liked the notions of using bells to control aspects of death. My only complaint is that the romantic relationship seemed to exist for the sake of convenience. But then again, this is a book aimed at the "young adult" audience, which firmly believes in love at first sight. And since the husband and I fell in love in under a week, who the hell am I to complain about rushed romance in a novel?

Tomorrow night I'm doing a community sing of the Verdi Requiem, which will be nice. But I'm most excited for next week, when we'll be doing the Mozart Requiem. I've never sung it, and am looking forward to doing so.

We're getting ready for our first dinner on our wedding china. I'm sending the husband out with instructions to buy the appropriate liquor. We'll be having filet mignon and accoutrements. Accoutrements at the moment look like appetizers of oven-dried cherry tomatos, cheese and crackers, side dishes of asparugus, roasted vegetables, potatos au gratin (which some pre-cooked from Omaha Steaks), Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce, and for dessert, some sort of fruit tart. Most of this can be made ahead of time, fortunately. So really all we'll have to do is grill the steak, whip up the sauce, and steam the asparagus. Yummy yummy.

All this food talk is making me hungry, so off I go to my shrimp and pasta lunch--frozen, bien sur.

OK children. Summer reading may be left in the guestbook, as may recipes for some sort of fruit tart.


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