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rain, rain go away

2003-06-20 - 10:15 a.m.

I am perhaps swiftly becoming a dilettante foodie. Day before yesterday I baked Jamaican Banana Bread with lime and RUM. It rated a double-take style "yummmmmmm" from my husband. I could tell the first one was for politeness, but then the flavor exploded in his mouth and the second one--that was the good stuff.

Dinner party is this weekend. Fruit tart may not get made, and we may just rely upon pre-assembled desserts from the gourmet store.

It is overcast and very gloomy here. I honestly cannot remember the last time we had a nice sunny day. It feels like months ago. Granted, we have had some nice days, but I've been stuck in the office, and what good does that do? One can hardly enjoy the laziness of summer, idly twirling a glass of white zinfandel, when one is hidden away in one's office on the 7th floor. Sometimes, if it's a rare sunny moment, I stand next to the window in the small square of sun and pretend I am basking. soon I shall be reduced to putting up that standard Windows "Beach Paradise" wallpaper on my desktop in an ultimately futile attempt to convince myself that the weather must surely improve.

Which brings me to my next point. I really want a cat and am prepared to sacrifice my vacation to get said cat. There are some cat adoptions in mid-July that I would like to attend, and perhaps we will even return with a small furry friend. This shocks me somewhat, as I never really liked cats. But Mizinha taught me to appreciate cats for what they are, instead of just a dog-substitute. And while I still claim there is no love like the love of a dog, I now enjoy cats. And I'm lonely for the company of one.

The rain just started. Tomorrow I am getting my Harry Potter book, and Sunday shall be spent curled up with it in a state of grogged-out book bliss. I really wish that it was today. I am in no mood to be here at work when it is such crappy weather. I would far rather be at home wrapped up under a blanket, perhaps looking forward to a grilled cheese sandwich.

You may expect a review of Harry Potter 5 come Monday, or perhaps Tuesday at the latest. If I am feeling particularly ballsy and acquisitive, I may brave the elements to acquire some mroe nooks over lunch--specifically the third Stephanie Plum and Garth Nix's Lirael. Also coming on Monday shall be a run-down of the dinner party. Yippee.


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