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2003-07-09 - 11:01 a.m.

Dinner went nicely, although the floor did not get vaccumed, as badly as it does need it. I even promptly put away the dinner dishes and wiped the counters. I am a good homemaker/career woman--or at least good enough.

On Saturday the husband and I are going kayaking. I'm very excited, imagining that this will be a new hobby for us. I have dreams of us going kayaking for a few hours every weekend--and really, is this such a crazy dream to have? My family used to go sailing every Sunday, so why not us going out on the Potomac on Sunday mornings? Plus it will be nice to have a physical activity that we can do together. If this class goes well, we're going to sign up for the more intensive (read more expensive) sea kayaking package, which will include numerous classes specializing in the various strokes, braces and rolls one needs to be familiar with to be a safe and effective kayaker. Then we might go on an overnight kayak trip. Or perhaps more than one.

Perhaps tonight I will drag myself to the gym--although again, the impulse to curl up and watch Buffy is feeling rather irresistable. I wish they made some sort of healthy food out of chocolate, and then I could just eat it for dinner. Chocolate and cereal are my weapons of choice.

Life seems a little flatter these days, and I feel pretty badly in need of a beach vacation. Maybe we'll slip away for our anniversary. I had originally put those plans on hold as I thought we'd be getting a cat, but since it looks as though the husband doesn't want one anytime soon, perhaps I should go ahead with planning a beach weekend.


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