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sick gal

2003-07-22 - 10:53 a.m.

Recovering very slowly from a nasty bout of the flu. I can't believe how easily exhausted I am now. It's not even quite 11 am and I feel desperately in need of a nap. I've been sick since Wednesday, with it really hitting hard on Friday. It carried on through the weekend--I slept about 75% of the time. Couldn't make it through a whole day of work yesterday, but I sure am trying to today. I'm not sure when I'll be getting to the gym again. I'm thinking maybe Friday at the earliest.

So the end result is that I haven't been able to do anything interesting. I was going to go kayaking last night, but obviously had to cancel. The weekend was spent alternately in bed and on the couch. My apartment looks like a bomb went off, and I don't see it turning around anytime soon. Maybe this weekend.

Kitty has been a good nursemaid. She stuck right by my side, sleeping next to me. She's a lovely napping companion. Not as lovely as the husband, who has had to spend some nights away from me this week. We agreed to look after friends' pets. Normally this isn't an issue, as it's over a weekend. But this time it's stretched out over a week, the same exact week I get hit with the summer flu from HELL and the same week we get a new cat. So R has had to bear the brunt of this. I haven't walked the dog once. He's been going over there every morning and every evening, walking the dog, feeding the dog and cat, watering the yard, turning off the hot water, and other husbandly tasks. He slept over a couple nights to give the dog some companionship and because it simply made more sense with his schedule.

Last night a transformer blew and we lost power for over an hour. We also lost air conditioning. As of this morning, we still don't have cool air coming into our apartment. This is not the best situation in the heighth of the DC summer. If I had the energy, I'd call our building manager and complain. Unfortunately, that seems like it might be a little too much for me to handle right about now. I hope I don't have mono. Although how I would have gotten mono is beyond me.


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