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2003-08-08 - 5:13 p.m.

Chincoteague weekend was wonderful. R and I got a couple nice photos with the ponies, and I ate so many oysters I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I've really never met the shellfish I don't love. That's the deepest reason why I could never go kosher. Give up my lobster? I'd rather die.

We meant to go kayaking, but the weather didn't cooperate. We're hoping next time. We did bask upon the beach and do a little window-shopping. It was a completely wonderful and relaxing weekend.

As an added bonus, I earned the envy of the office gals for having a spontaneous husband. Yipee!

In other news, my new favorite word is the archaic "croodle." Meaning "to snuggle, as a young animal with its mother; to creep close, as small children around a fire or chicks under the hen's wings," we've used it almost solely in conjunction with the cat. We call her a croodle-cat, because that is what she does. She sat in my lap last night for almost 30 minutes, purring sweetly at me.

So what is up with the Davis recall? I think it is a bad idea to recall an elected official for anything other than gross dereliction of duty (which Davis hasn't done, although if you remove the word "gross" you're probably hitting pretty close to home). But this whole thing has been turned into a freak show. I like Ahnold. I think he might even turn out to be a good politician. But I'd be goddamn hesitatnt to elect him to lead a state as huge and troubled as CA with absolutely no experience as an elected official. And now, with Gallagher running this race is a complete farce. No wonder the rest of the country thinks CA is so dumb. It's embarassing as an ex-pat to see my home behave like this.

Oh well. Cynicism abounds inside the Beltway, and I'm off to go eat Mexican food.


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