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2003-08-22 - 4:13 p.m.

I hideously and nightmarishly forget my parents' 31st wedding anniversary. I'm a bad daughter.

I was talking to my brother today, and he asked if I called my parents on Wednesday. I said, "No, why? OH, DUH!" He said, "I can't believe you forgot. I almost reminded you, but then I thought 'of course she'll remember, she's the good one.'"

I am the good one. The one who always remembers family birthdays and milestones. But here I sit, a negligent daughter, having forgotten my own parents' anniversary. And after they remembered mine and sent us a check. Damn it.

Tonight's activities include groveling over the phone. I'm hoping I've built up enough credit to get out of this one relatively unscathed.


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