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christmas in august

2003-08-25 - 5:17 p.m.

Finally, my diabolical schemes have come to fruition! Over the weekend I bought R. a guitar and he enrolled himself in music lessons. Yes, my own sweetie is now going to join the ranks.

We took the guitar home and I helped him tune it, thereby greatly impressing his teacher; which makes me wonder, now that I think of it, just how good his teacher's ear is, because I tuned it "good enough." Regardless. Now R gets to tune it, thereby improving his ear. I see many Christmas/Chanuakkah gifts revolving around music. And of course, around otters.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm ashamed to say I can't wait for the season. This is our first year with our own tree, and I'm so much looking forward to decorating it. I love the cold bite in the air, the wonderful music (L--I know you hate CHristmas music, which is why I'll be burning you a couple CDs of the kind of Christmas music I listen to), giving gifts, hot chocolate and spiced wine, the works. It's become fashionable among a certain set of people to hate Christmas, but I think they're just being fashionable. If you don't like stupid Christmas carols and bad crowds and stupid Christmas-themed episodes on TV, avoid that crap. Tune the radio in to NPR, or pop in Bach's Christmas Oratorio or some Robert Shaw carols. DO your shopping early, online, or some combination thereof and avoid the mall like the hideously teenybopper-ridden plague it is. Eschew the TV in favor of a good book, or pop in some of the great Christmas classics: It's a Wonderful Life. A Christmas Story. Die Hard. That's the good stuff.

I'll revisit Queen Wealhtheow's Plan for a Harmonious and Ecumenical Christmas Season in late November.

Just now I'm getting into the throes of planning a baby shower for my (obviously) pregnant friend. Since I know my life will get incredibly hectic once rehearsals start up again next week (and occur biweekly throughout September) I'm trying to get the whole thing under control this week. I mean, it should be easy, right? Mail our the invitations, keep track of the guest list, get some decorations at a discount party store, reserve the basement party room, get some food and a cake, and come up with some innocuous transgender party games (transgender in the sense of encompassing both genders--and because I like to be faintly naughty). But things always get more complicated, so I'm keeping my hardhat close to deflect any eventual BS that may get slung my way.

Now I'm off to the mall, while it is still only partially infested. Today was the first day of school in many a district, so I'm praying the hideous little mall-babies be far far far away from Pentagon City tonight. STAY AWAY FOOLS!


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