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end of summer, end of days

2003-08-29 - 11:20 a.m.

Off to Berkeley Springs today for a (hopefully) relaxing weekend with friends, and possibly with cat. Yes, a few hours from our scheduled departure and we still have not decided if we are bringing the cat with us. On the one hand, I don't want to traumitize her. On the other hand, she gets so lonely. Last night she spent the entire evening curled up in my lap.

Berkeley Springs, for those not in the uber-elite know, is a resort town with natural springs, much like Bath. In fact, it was called "Bath" for a while, until they decided to change the name. Rest assured the husband and I (but not the cat) shall be taking the waters. And taking a massage. And getting a facial. It will be a weekend of pure spa pampering!

And speaking of pampering, I've decided to pamper my mind with some music classes. Come late September I'll be studying theory and sight-singing. I'm signed up for a 12-week course, and will probably continue to take these classes for at least a year or so. I'm very excited--I feel it's been so long so I took on any sort of intellectual challenge.

Moves are underway to get me to our national conference in SF this year. If I go, it will be as manager of the bookstore. Yes, that's right, I'll go to our giant important conference to work in retail. The director of our department was aghast when she was told by a coworker that I wanted to do this. "Does she know what she'd be getting into? She'd need to know how to work a cash register!" As I told my coworker, there is simply no way it could be worse than working in the toy store on Beanie Baby day. The attendees might have some egos to deal with, they might even get snooty with me, or possibly snotty. But I highly doubt they will start screaming in the middle of the store "I know you have 7 boxes of 'Good to Great' in here! You have to let me see them! You have to let me see them!" Nor will they pick up a book, examine it closely, check to make sure none of the pages are bent, then ask me to see another copy--and repeat this process 5 times. Nor will they bring in their children as props to buy books for themselves--"No, Peter, get Goodlad's book! I don't care if you don't want it, that's the book you're getting!" Nothing was worse than those crazy crazy Beanie Baby people. I hated them so deeply.

Have a great weekend folks--enjoy the last faded days of summer.


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