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2003-09-15 - 10:28 a.m.

Once Upon A Time in Mexico was perfect. Deliciously over the top. With sly references to both earlier works snuck in amidst the obvious ones ("Everyone always said he was the biggest Mexican they'd ever seen. But really, he was maybe 5'9"), plenty of gunplay and flamethrowers in guitar cases, it truly was the coolest of the cool. Yum. And that twisted plot all the critics bemoan? Come the hell on. "The Usual Suspects" has a twisty plot. OUATIM had a lot of explosions to cover for the fact that there really was no plot. But if you're going to this movie for plot and character development, you're in the wrong theater, pal. LFM, you must must must see this--you'd adore it.

On Sunday night was my sight-singing muscianship class. This looks like it'll be really great. What I'm trying to get from this is a much more thorough understanding of music and the relationships each note has to others--as well as the ability to blow conductors away with awesome sight-singing, obviously. I think that's just about what I'll get. I imagine I'll these classes for at least a year, perhaps more. She (the instructor) said her most advanced classes get together to analyze Bach chorals and read through them. That sounds awesome to me. Plus I'm hoping I can develop enough to get her to write a letter of reccomendation for me if I decide to go for a master's in music.

Not much in other news. We're gearing up for the possibility that H. Isabel will hit DC, although conventional wisdom says we're too far inland to get much worse than some torrential downpours--which can cause their own problems, but shouldn't affect us too much in our 6th floor apartment.


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