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blackout day 3

2003-09-20 - 2:56 p.m.

Hurricane Isabel has come and gone, leaving me powerless in her wake. We lost power at about 4 pm Thursday and still have none almost 48 hours later. I'm not anticipating the return of sweet sweet electricity until Sunday or Monday night. I'm writing this entry from the confines of the local coffee shop, where we are taking advantage of the wireless internet and also selfishly stealing their electricity to recharge the battery on the laptop. Because you see, not all of Arlington is without power. No, just our little tiny corner. Walk a block and a half down the street and it is right as rain. Righter, in fact.

No power also means no hot water, so this morning the most wonderful wonderful husband in the world boiled quite a large quantity of water for my bath. It was heavenly. Certainly the most luxurious bath I've ever experienced. I think it was the most romantic thing any husband has ever done for his wife. He kept bringing in more hot water for me so the bath wouldn't get cold.

Our (read: my) compulsive candle-purchasing has stood us in good stead. We have enough tapers to last tonight and tomorrow, and our pillar candles are holding up quite well. However, we need to throw away all the meat that previously wa occupying our freezer. Everything in my freezer and fridge is dead--and not a quick death, either. I'm living out of food from cans--although I could just as certainly head off to the Bolivian restaurant down the street, which we will surely do before the weekend is up.

Actually, last night was kind of nice. I went out to rehearsal and R went to the Apple Store, so we got out for a bit. We both arrived home around 9:30 or so, lit candles, drank a bottle of Manischewitz and watched a movie on the laptop. Then we transported all the candles into the bedroom and stayed up late talking and making shadow animals. It was all very romantic.

Tonight we're heading off to my Beethoven concert, so another night will be spent with the lithe electricity. Tomorrow we were supposed to be hosting a baby shower for our friends. But I'm cancelling, as I don't expect to have power back. We're trying to do this for next Sunday morning instead.

It's kind of nice not to have electricity on the one hand--I haven't watched any TV lately, and that's refreshing. But it would be lovely to be able to vaccum my apartment or do some laundry, and absolutely charming to be able to read after dark. So all things told, I like electricity and am looking forward to her return in my life.

Next update will probably be sometime Monday, as of course the office has power.


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