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birthday bash

2003-09-24 - 3:35 p.m.

Parties parties everywhere. Next Saturday is my birthday party and you are all invited to drink and eat cake as I celebrate the big 25. Yes indeed.

But first we have to get this weekend out of the way--Saturday is my walkathon for the Alzheimer's Association, and I'm proud to say I've raised almost $300! So I'll be out walking for Grandpa early in the morning on Saturday instead of lying slothfully in bed.

Sunday is the long-vaunted baby shower. We've changed it into a brunch-type affair, which has the added bonus of allowing me to get to my music class.

Friday night is Rosh Hashannah, but as much as I'd like to go to services, I am just too broke to fork out $130 for tickets. It's lame-ass that I can't get to temple on one of the holiest days of the year because it's too expensive. There's a moral in here, but I'll let you divine it instead of hitting you over the head with it.

On a nicer note, next Wednesday my best friend and her mom and flying in to celebrate my birthday with me. It means so much to me that she's coming across the country just for one day. You don't find friends like that often.

So between now and Wednesday, I have many loads of laundry to do, a bathroom to clean, a kitchen to organize, a fridge/freezer to restock, and a kitty to shower with endless and undying affection!

All who think I deserve a small fish-tank with a beta in it for my birthday are hereby encouraged to either e-mail my husband or write in the guestbook.


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